Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trails & Ales Tour -- Leg 3

Monday, April 1st

Daily totals:

- 4 miles (1mi trail/3mi roads)
- Brooklyn Lager
- SixPoint Bengali Tiger

TRAILS (roads):

A short, condensed outing -- Lots to do today, so I had to eek out a quick pass through a nice little trail section called Paradise Island. While the name sounds majestic, it’s merely a tiny system of nature trails just off the Bayard Cutting Arboretum. Still, despite being a spec on the grid, it’s a beautiful little getaway from the roads. It’s about 1.5 miles away on the streets before you get to the hole in the chainlink fence that is the gateway to such a place. Although I could only fit in a quick miles worth on the soggy pine paths, it’s always an amazing feeling to get in the trails, no matter the time or distance. Besides, a shorter day likely worked in my favor with a couple of big days ahead...

Tomorrow should bring a double (2 runs, A.M. & P.M.) with some trails in the morning followed by a film and photo shoot in the Greenbelt system with the folks at Red Vault Productions. Stay tuned for updates on that! In the meantime, check out their incredible work at


Since the road-to-trail ratio weighed heavily in favor of the asphalt today, I figured it was only right to welcome a fine Lager into the Trails & ALES Tour -- a familiar and refreshing one, at that.

Brooklyn Lager (Brooklyn, NY -- Yes, it’s part of Long Island)
5.2% ABV

Touted as Brooklyn Brewery’s flagship beer, its Lager is a true masterpiece among the others in its category -- and that’s coming from a “hop head.” While Lager’s are not known for their hoppy character, this brew doesn’t disappoint in it’s malty flavor. Easy-drinking, great taste from start to finish, and the perfect beer to enjoy while watching the NY Mets pound the Padres 11-2 on Opening Day at Citi Field, located in the neighboring borough of Queens, not too far north from the brewery itself.

SixPoint Bengali Tiger IPA (Brooklyn, NY)
6.2% ABV

Ah, yes. A fine IPA for the palate any day of the week. This beautifully crafted variety also hails from Brooklyn, and unlike the stuff from their neighbors, all of their beers are only available in cans (and on tap, of course). While canning continues to grow among our nation’s micro breweries, Sixpoint was one of the first to pack the shelves with this 16oz. aluminum greatness. In my opinion, one of the better IPAs out there (and even better on tap, if you can find it) with it’s burst of flavor, slight caramel maltiness, and hop-tastic attack on your taste buds from beginning to end, courtesy of the dry-hopping technique Sixpoint uses in this wild animal of a brew. I definitely recommend this beer for the fellow IPA freaks out there, and to anyone who is looking to “step up” to the hoppy goodness of a smooth IPA that won’t leave you on the floor after enjoying a few of them.

Stay tuned for Day 4 updates on the Trails & Ales Tour -- coming complete with behind-the-scenes action of the film and photo shoot with the adventure filmmakers at

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