Saturday, June 23, 2012

Western States 100 Predictions

With Kilian out, (and a few others from last years top 10) this already packed race is anyone's to claim. Pair that with this years unusually mild conditions and the stage is set for one hell of an ultra running show. Quick predictions below:

If Mike Wardian doesn't get lost and hi PF doesn't act up, I think he can sneak into the top 5. Erik Skaden will be the dark horse (and top 3 masters finishers) in the top 10 -- his course times on the standard course in previous years has shown that running the ridges must be his specialty. Ryan Sandes, my money is on you... but I wouldn't be disappointed is Timothy Olson took the win. I think he is fully capable, as long as his PF niggles stay at bay, the kid can push through a ton of pain with a smile on his face. Ian Sharman and Jez Bragg will be hammering it out for the UK, but Jez is due for a higher finish after his misfortune at TNF 100 Australia. His splits were only second to Sandes. Finally, is temps stay cool -- especially in the canyons -- Dave Mackey will take the masters win. However, I think Kubaraki can close better. It will be interesting to see that unfold, if it does, from Rucky Chucky to the finish. Predicted winning time: 15:48:37

WS 100 Top 10 M/W predictions


Ryan Sandes
Mike Wolfe
Nick Clark
Timothy Olson
Jez Bragg
Ian Sharman
Tsuyoshi Kaburaki
Erik Skaden
Dave Mackey
Mike Wardian

(Dylan Bowman – 11th)


Nikki Kimball
Ellie Greenwood
Lizzy Hawker
Kami Semick
Krissy Moehl
Meghan Arbogast
Elizabeth Howard
Rory Bosio
Joelle Vaught
Pam Smith

(Amy Sprostan – 11th)

Tsuyoshi Kaburaki
Erik Skaden
Dave Mackey

Nikki Kimball
Kami Semick
Meghan Arbogast

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