Friday, March 23, 2012

Race-mas Eve... tomorrow's the day.

'Twas the night before Bel Monte, when all through the room
I sat in reflection, since the race was so soon.
My trail shoes were waiting, to set out and go
to run through the highs and slog through the lows.

The shot blocks were packed, the Clif Bars were too
Filled up my bottles, and stashed extra GU.
The aid stations studied, one-man crew was all briefed
on which checkpoints I'd need him to offer relief.

the forecast was calling for thunder and hail
high winds in the hills and waterlogged trails.
the course would be tough, no walk in the park.
A challenge indeed, I'd fight it 'til dark.

I've put in my training, so much time on my feet
logging miles and miles through the trails and the streets.
Any doubt that amounts, and lingers beneath
I'll beat it with heart, when I can't feel my feet.

The distance is long, those mountains are steep.
like the words of Frost: lovely, dark, and deep.
Tomorrow's the day... My mantra will show:
Relentless I'll stay... And miles to go.

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